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All About the PYO…

The PYO is a fun group for kids turning 10 years old in the calendar year until the age of 18 years old. The PYO members are pretty busy during the summer months assisting with the weekly kids’ BINGO nights and movie nights. They learn to work at the Snack Shack collecting money, making change, etc. They meet new friends and go on fun trips.

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Here is a glimpse of some of the activities from last year:

  • The summer field trip was a roller-skating trip to United Skates of America! The kids had a great time either learning to skate or helping their friends learn to skate. What a great team building experience!!!
  • The annual youth basketball tournament was held in August! The kids had a great time either playing in the games or supporting their friends playing.
  • We had a tie dye party. The kids were so creative in designing their own t-shirts!
  • The teens requested a few teen activities such as Manhunt and paintball tag.
  • The winter trip was a trip to Mt. Cranmore. We started the trip with tubing on Friday night and then skiing on Saturday. Some kids learned to ski for the first time while others challenged their skiing skills. Everyone had a great time!!


PYO Basketball

Here is a look at what is in store for this summer from June 25th – August 28th:

  • Kid’s BINGO nights every Tuesday featuring homemade ice cream sundaes from the Snack Shack! The hall will be open from 7pm – 9:30pm.
  • Kid’s movie night every Wednesday showing a PG or PG-13 movie with popcorn or your choice of candy and drinks to purchase from the Snack Shack! Please remember that children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult and kids under 12 must leave the hall at 8:30pm or at the end of the 1st movie unless accompanied by an adult. Teen Night starts at 8:30pm and ends at 10:00pm for ages 12-17. There may be a PG-13 movie or an activity for the older kids such as dodgeball, scavenger hunt or basketball. Check the website for movie titles and Teen Night activities.
  • The Annual Basketball tournament in August!
  • A summer trip based on the kids’ interests.
  • Summer Prudence Island activities are based on the kids’ ideas.

If this sounds fun to you, join us!! We are always looking for new members. Feel free to stop by the PIA during Movie Night and or Kid’s BINGO night to check us out or feel free to email us at

How do we support these fun activities?

  • The Annual Treasure Craft Fair. This is a fun fundraiser for the PYO activities. If you are an artist and are looking to sell your craft at the fair, the donation is $25 per table for non-PIA members and $20 for PIA members.
  • If you want to support the PYO and you are not an artist don’t worry. We have an option for you:  Feel free to donate a special island treasure to the PYO table. The PYO members will sell the items at their table!
  • The Snack Shack is not only a great learning experience for our PYO members, but it is also a fundraiser for our activities. Come support the Snack Shack on Tuesday nights to make your own sundae or Wednesday nights for candy and popcorn!

We look forward to seeing you this summer!!!!

The current PIA Board members overseeing the PYO are Kristin Koopman and Stephanie Jenness.

Reminder of the RULES when attending PIA and PYO events:

  • No swearing on PIA grounds. The offender receives one warning. If caught swearing again, he or she will not be allowed back on the PIA property for 1 week.
  • There is no littering on PIA grounds. At PYO events 1 child will be designated the *Trash Police*. It will be their responsibility to make sure that all of the trash is being placed in the proper receptacles. Anyone refusing to use the trash can or giving the trash officer a hard time will be asked to leave for the remainder of the event. Also, there will no longer be any gum sold at the snack shack. It was found repeatedly on the basketball court and cement patio outside the hall.
  • No one under the age of 16 will be allowed on PIA property past 10 o’clock (unless there is a PIA function taking place or they have adult supervision).
  • Stay off the roof. This won’t be tolerated. Anyone found on the roof will be charged with trespassing.

PYO Wiffle Ball Practice