PYO Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are excited that your child is interested in joining the Prudence Youth Organization (PYO). We hope this letter will provide you with some basic information regarding the PYO.

What are the requirements for being part of the PYO?
The PYO is open to children connected to the island and turning 10 years of age within the calendar year.

What is the mission of the PYO?
The mission of the PYO (Prudence Youth Organization) is to give back to the island community, be involved in PIA functions, and to raise money to fund some of our own fun trips and activities.

What are the fundraisers for the PYO?

  • The Snack Shack on Tuesday nights during Kid’s BINGO and on Wednesday night during Movie Night
  • The table fees for the Arts and Craft Show
  • The dinners sold at Adult BINGO Night

Fun activities:

  • Kids’ BINGO Tuesdays
  • Kids’ Movie Night Wednesdays
  • Teen Activity Night Wednesdays
  • Typically a field trip in the summer and a field trip in the winter which has been a ski trip

PYO member responsibilities:

  • To work the allotted shifts at the Snack Shack or at the other PYO fundraising events
  • To remember the shift that you have signed up for and arrive on time for your shift
  • If you can’t make your shift, please find someone to work your shift
  • To treat each other with respect.

Parent and guardians, please check your schedule to make sure you are on the island when your child is working

If you would like to support the PYO, we are always looking for people to prepare meals for Friday Night BINGO. If you want to help but don’t like to cook, you could always donate pizza to be sold at BINGO.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Kristin DiPrete at 401-932-1690 or Pat Rossi at 401-474-5948.

You can use the form below to have your child join. If you prefer, please use the attached form to submit via email to

PYO Photo Permission and Parent Contact Form

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Please complete this form to either give permission or refuse permission for your child to have their picture taken and used to advertise the activities with the Prudence Youth Organization (PYO).
I give permission for my child named below to have their picture taken. Pictures taken may be used to advertise the activities offered through the PYO or PIA.(Required)

Parent or Guardian Contact Information