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Update December 2020

Fencing, Survey, and Land Dispute

. We would like to update our membership on the property dispute between the PIA and the owners of the neighboring property as we are nearing the end of this matter.

Mr. & Mrs. Ells and the PIA Board have signed a settlement agreement on the property dispute regarding the North property border. Speaking to our members who urged us to fight to save all of the PIA property, we are sorry we could not fight that legal battle at   this time. Thus far the attorney’s fees are at $17,880 and we will have one more bill to pay  before this dispute is over. With this in mind the board voted unanimously to except the following settlement offer.

(a)   The Ells will pay the PIA the sum of $10,000 (the “Settlement Payment” at a closing which shall take place at the Law of Office of Sullivan & Sullivan.


(b)   The Ells agree to pay any and all costs associated with drafting of the new metes and bounds description for the anticipated deed and the Closing costs associated with the transaction, including but not limited to any Town of Portsmouth planning/zoning/recording fees(the “Closing Costs”);


(c)  The Ells shall not park any vehicle on PIA property except PIA parking lots during PIA sanctioned events, make any improvements to nor utilize any of the PIA land without the express written consent of the PIA.


(d)  Upon the conclusion of the Closing, the Ells and the PIA will cause to be filed in the Civil Action a Stipulation of Dismissal with prejudice of any and all claims and/counterclaims as asserted in the Civil Action.

PIA Obligations


(a) The PIA shall cooperate and execute any and all required documentation so as to effectuate the transfer the Subject Land to the Ells by way of a quitclaim deed (the “Quitclaim Deed”);

(b) The PIA shall attend the Closing;

(c) The PIA shall send the correspondence, attached hereto as Exhibit B, to its membership, as well as to post the correspondence on its website for a period of one (1) year;

(d) The PIA shall remove any and all communications and/or information from its website relative to the Dispute, the Subject Land and the Civil Action, except for Exhibit B hereto;

(e) The PIA will cause the webpage, attached hereto as Exhibit C and located at the following

url to be removed and permanently taken down from the

internet, as well as any other public forum, physical, tangible, electronic or otherwise.


We are pleased to announce that the PIA and the Ells have come to an agreement regarding the land that has been in dispute.

The Ells have agreed to compensate the PIA in the amount of $10,000.  As a result, no further litigation costs will be incurred.

This mutual agreement was in the best interest of both parties, and we are pleased that this dispute is behind us.

We hope to close on this settlement by the first of the year, 2021. If anyone in our generous community is able to make a donation towards the PIA’s attorney costs it will be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made by mailing a check to PIA PO.Box 111, Prudence Island, RI 02872 or by visiting our web page to make a donation through PayPal. Thank you!

Prudence Improvement Association – Here for the Island Community

Walkway Project

The PIA owns the walkway which connects Narragansett ave down to the store and ferry parking lot. Unfortunately over the years the walkway has fallen into disrepair and needs to be upgraded. The PIA would like to have the walkway re-done by pouring new concrete and installing new railings.

Thank you to all who have contributed towards the walkway project! We have been experiencing some difficulties with starting the project due to the challenge of finding a concrete company willing to come to the island for such a small scale project. We are continuing to reach out to companies and hope to get the project started before the fall of 2019.