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Fencing, Survey, and Land Dispute

As some may know, we have wanted to complete our fence to delineate the boundaries of the property surrounding the PIA building. Before we were able to complete the fence, in the fall of 2019, neighbors to the north of the PIA building began an excavation and stone wall project that appeared to encroach on PIA property. Though numerous requests were made for the neighbors to cease their project until a property survey was completed, these requests were not honored. As part of the project, land was excavated from the area and deposited across the street onto the waterfront PIA land intended for preservation for use by all islanders. This created a potential legal issue for the PIA in that CRMC (Coastal Resources Management Council) could have fined the PIA for the illegal dumping which occurred on our property. At that point, a property survey was commissioned by the PIA which clearly determined the north PIA property line. Despite the results of the property survey the neighbors continue to make claims to a substantial portion of the north side of the PIA property. The matter is now in the hands of lawyers for both parties. Through our lawyers, we continue to try to work with the neighbors on an amicable resolution to this matter. We are hopeful that, as the non-for-profit responsible for caring for lands donated to the PIA for the benefit of all islanders, the PIA property described very clearly in the undisputed property survey will be retained by the PIA to remain accessible to all islanders for generations to come.

Walkway Project

The PIA owns the walkway which connects Narragansett ave down to the store and ferry parking lot. Unfortunately over the years the walkway has fallen into disrepair and needs to be upgraded. The PIA would like to have the walkway re-done by pouring new concrete and installing new railings.

Thank you to all who have contributed towards the walkway project! We have been experiencing some difficulties with starting the project due to the challenge of finding a concrete company willing to come to the island for such a small scale project. We are continuing to reach out to companies and hope to get the project started before the fall of 2019.